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What Broke The Deal? Why guys really stop calling.
June 7, 2010
What Broke The Deal? Why guys really stop calling.

Ever wonder what happened when a fabulous guy you were beginning to date just stopped calling? "What broke the deal?" you ask yourself. You could go crazy with guessing, so we went to the guys themselves! And we got what we asked for regular guys who dished on what that "dealbreaker" was. Check out the top 5 -and the number-one thing a girl does that makes a guy never want to see her again.

5. Proper Hygiene: Ladies, ladies, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper hygiene. Several men told us that a gal's not-so-fresh aroma drove them away. The men we interviewed said they got turned off by bad breath, dirty hair, ear wax, and ahem, a not-so-great smelling vagina. "On the second date, her breath just totally smelled. I tried to forget about it and took her out again, but on the third date - the same! I never called her again," Paul, 31, from New York City, told us. So take that extra time to make sure you're fresh and stock your handbag with a toothbrush, mints, baby wipes, and whatever you need to make sure your hygiene deserves an A+!

4. Too Much Alcohol: Do not get drunk on a date! A glass of wine to relax the nerves, maybe, but getting totally sloshed on a date is a big no-no. The guys we interviewed did not find a drunk girl cute or funny, but actually used words like "messy" and "annoying" to describe gals who had one too many. A man we interviewed, Steve, from Los Angeles, said it was a girl's drinking that made him walk away for good. "We dated for a few weeks and then one night we went out and had a great time, and I ended up sleeping over. I was very happy about the whole thing until I got up and she was making herself a cocktail at 8 a.m. I never spoke to her again."

3. Family: Sometimes when a budding relationship goes sour, it's not our fault. "I was dating a great girl," says Andy, 35, from Miami. "We were totally falling in love over two months, and she took me to meet her family. They had a big beautiful house, but they made me wait in the foyer and treated me like dirt. Maybe it was because she came from more money than I did and they thought I wasn't worthy because I was a bartender. We never spoke again."

2. Friends: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with," says motivational speaker Jim Rohn. In the case of dating, those closest to you round out who your new guy thinks you are. According to several guys we spoke with, it was a potential girlfriend's pals that made him run for the hills. Says Chris, 25, from Chicago, "I was dating someone who I thought was a great girl. She was cute, funny, and very smart. After about a month of dating, she invited me to join some of her friends at dinner. Two were going back and forth about how they were 'shopping for rich husbands' and another one was showing off a watch her 'sugar daddy' got her. I just couldn't help but think that if these are the people she hangs out with, she must share their views."

1. Trying To Establish a Relationship Too Soon: Of the guys we spoke with, the biggest dealbreaker was, overwhelmingly, trying to establish a relationship too early on. "On our second date, she started calling me her boyfriend," Lukas, 21, from San Francisco told us. "I just think there's a period of time a girl should wait before bringing that up."

So, ladies, if you want to keep that man from bolting, keep your teeth brushed, a stable of classy friends, the liquor to a minimum and DO NOT ask "Where is this going?" too early on. Keep your cool, and let him do the asking!

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