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Conan O'Brien: Jay Leno Can Be a Musical Guest on My New Show
November 4, 2010
Conan O'Brien: Jay Leno Can Be a Musical Guest on My New Show

Late night funnyman Conan O'Brien is the featured interview in December's issue of Playboy--and in the Q&A, the red-haired comedian talks about his last few days at NBC, his Irish heritage and the chance of Jay Leno ever being a guest on his new TBS show, 'Conan.'

"I wanted to end on an optimistic note. I thought it could end up being the most important moment of my television career. It still could be...I have had too many good things happen in my career to end on any kind of bitter note. I'm just saying this to you... I am an incredibly fortunate person...And as crazy as this sounds, my career with NBC was overwhelmingly positive until this," O'Brien confessed.

"Some things have worked out great for me, some things haven't. You keep going... Doing those last 'Tonight Show's was a high. A lot of people tuned in, and I was really proud of what I was able to make in that situation," he continued.

More excerpts from his interview after the jump.
On inviting Jay Leno on his new show as a guest:

"He can come as the musical guest, because that I want to see. No one knows he has an operatic range [sings as Jay Leno]. No, there are certain things I will not do, regardless of the price."

On his new show 'Conan' on TBS:
"I don't want to get lost thinking how this show will be different from any other show I've done. Will I overthink it? Yes. Do I think I should? No. How's that? At the end of the day, it's going to be me doing whatever is in my power to entertain people for an hour. I'll break any rule. I'll use dangerous chemicals if I have to. I will meddle with the laws of God."

On his longtime sidekick Andy Richter's return to the show:
"Andy will be part of it, for brute strength alone. Andy is the strongest guy on television. He's a man-child, an incredibly powerful human being. He could take Charlie Sheen in hand-to-hand combat. It wouldn't even be close. If Charlie Sheen were sleeping and unwarned, Andy would win. And sedated. Those are the rules. Andy does very well against an opponent who's sleeping, heavily sedated and doesn't know he's being attacked."

On his Irish heritage:
"Nobody cares if you make a disparaging comment about the Irish. It is the one ethnic group no one gives a sh*t about. 'Oh, those wife-beating drunks.' Irish people go, 'Yes! Ha-ha! We got mentioned.' They don't care."

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