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Bristol Palin Files for Sole Custody of Son Tripp
December 29, 2009
Bristol Palin Files for Sole Custody of Son Tripp

ET has obtained the court papers that show Bristol Palin has filed for sole custody of son Tripp, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston.

Bristol's attorney Thomas V. Van Flein said in the papers, "The best interests of the child compel the conclusion that Bristol should be awarded 100% legal and physical custody of Tripp, with visitation rights in favor of Levi."

Despite a request by Bristol's legal team to keep the court proceedings closed, the status of the case is currently listed as being open. Levi said, "I feel more comfortable in a public courtroom which will help

everyone stay civil and be on their best behavior."

The papers allege Levi violated a gag order to prevent him from speaking about the custody battle. Bristol's camp even threatened to hold Levi in contempt of court for this violation. The gag order has been lifted.

Several media organizations, including "The Insider," People, Star Magazine, Vanity Fair, and "The Tyra Show" were mentioned in regards to outlets where Levi spoke candidly about the custody battle. Levi's attorney Rex Butler said, "Levi has no intent to seek the attention of the press to gain an advantage in this litigation or bring disrepute upon any of the parties."

Butler released the following statement to ET: "Now we feel that we can fight this case on level ground. When you look at what they're saying, and their attempts to put him in jail, there were no attempts to have a fair and reasonable custody fight. When you're asking to put an 18 year old in jail, they clearly wanted to stop his forward progress, whatever they thought that forward progress was. It's clear to us that they wanted to shut Levi up."

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